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Wyze Smart Scale

Wyze Smart Scale

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Smart Price for a Smart Scale!

The Wyze "Smart" Scale shows weight and body fat percentage on a crisp LED display. No more annoying "tap and wait" before stepping on. All you do is step on and it starts measuring immediately.

This Wyze Scale connects with popular fitness apps so you can track your progress where you are tracking everything else:

  • Apple Health
  • Google Fit
  • Fitbit
  • Samsung Health
The Wyze Scale is meant for sharing. Set up your entire family in the free Wyze app. It can automatically recognize up to 8 users and has a guest sharing mode that lets you share with anyone. And it goes beyond body composition - Step on, see your heart rate, and track heart health over time in the Wyze app.

Accurate and easy measurements no matter where you step. Wyze Scale uses four independent floor sensors that measure to the 10th of a pound. It has a network of electrode sensors built right into the glass that accurately measure no matter where your feet are. Good stuff.