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Deluxe Scrabble Board

Deluxe Scrabble Board

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Not your typical Scrabble game...

Now you can play America’s favorite word game in style! Gather your friends and family around this handsome wood game cabinet, draw your seven faux-ivory Scrabble letter tiles and spin the built-in rotating gameboard.

This exquisite set offers all of the fun and challenge of classic Scrabble, with added luxurious features including a gold-toned raised grid to hold the letter tiles in place, foil-stamped scorebook and pencil, tile racks and timer with die-cast end caps and a drawer to store and organize these wonderful components. This extraordinary Scrabble set is designed for those looking to enjoy the truly finer things in life.
  • Beautiful 2-tone wood cabinet with gold-tone metal accents
  • Rotating gameboard with raised grid
  • Deluxe faux-ivory Scrabble letter tiles
  • Embossed faux-leather Scrabble tile pouch
  • Deluxe wood tile racks with gold-tone die-cast metal end caps
  • Gold foil-stamped scorebook with matching pencil
  • Timer with gold-tone die-cast metal end caps
  • Storage drawer with elegant organizer tray
  • Instruction booklet